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A reliable and innovative lithium primary battery supplier producing 3.6V Li-SOCL2 and 3.0V Li-MnO2 batteries to meet your IoT power demands, from design-in consultancy to after-sales service, we are always around to support you at anytime.

Whether you are looking for lithium primary battery with more than 15 years life expectation for telemetry meter reading, telematics GPS tracking,wireless security alarm sensors, or NB-IoT/Lorawan/SIGFOX/LTE-M IoT nodes … we have the turn-key battery solution for you.

We provide a complete size range of 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride battery (Li-SOCl2 ) and 3.0V lithium manganese dioxide battery (Li-MnO2), including bobbin structure, spiral structure cells, and super capacitor with bobbin cell constructure, as well as various customized battery packs to cater for the needs of rapid growth of IoT market.

Bobbin cells are chosen when low or moderate pulse current is requested, the typical pulse current that bobbin cells can provide only ranges from a few milli ampere till 100 milli ampre depending on cell sizes, in contrast, sprial cells are able to provide few hundres milli ampere till nearly 3000 milli ampere, temperature aspect also needs to take into consideration when selecting a correct battery model on the design phase.

Passivation is a nature of Li-SOCL2 battery, it helps battery to reserve its capacity, but it brings transient minimum voltage (TMV) hassles especially when batteries are stored for some time and devices are activeated with high pulse current, in this scenario, we recommend using bobbin cell with super capacitor, please feel free to write us about your battery requirements, we are here to support.

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